My new Netbook Acer Aspire ONE D250

This netbook is really a charming one. You don’t notice actual performance differences with a normal computer, provided you installed a serious and performing operating system like Ubuntu Netbook Remix! It also has a very cool look, really! See yourself:

UNR - The Desktop

UNR - The Desktop

UNR opens an application

UNR opens an application

The initial configuration provides dual boot between Windows 7 and Android. Android is a nice and useless toy. They should explain to me what is Android for, if it does not recognise my Nokia cell phone to use it as a UMTS modem. So I immediately decided to kill it.

Windows 7 is awful. It’s slow. It loses (wireless- mobile-) connections. It’s boring with all that preinstalled software whishing you to upgrade. You need a performance-affecting antivirus. If you like to connect to the internet with a Nokia cell with USB cable you have to install the buggy Nokia Suite. Instead, using Ubuntu, just plug in the phone and choose the operator…

Here are the configurations I have:


ATOM N-280 processor; 6-cell battery; 2 GB RAM, 250GB HD.


Windows 7 starter edition and Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR) 9.10 in dual boot.

Inside UNR: Skype, VirtualBox OSE with Windows XP professional edition, Ubuntu One (file synchronizing software).

The steps I followed to reconfigure the Netbook

  • Windows 7 has a BIOS affecting software that lets you choose, whether the computer boots from Windows 7 or from Android. This will remain after formatting the disk. So before formatting I set the computer to boot from Windows.
  • I burned two DVD’s to possibly restore the installed Windows 7’s initial configuration. Oh, for this I needed an USB optical unit.
  • I created a USB bootable flash memory with UNR on it.
  • Booted from USB and formatted the disk in two partitions, 50GB in NTFS for Windows, 100 GB in ext4 for Linux, and left 100 GB unallocated. Up-to-date, 100 GB for a Netbook is an enormous amount of memory.
  • Booted from Windows restore disks and reinstalled Windows 7. I had some annoyances because the Android partition was not found.
  • Booted from USB and installed UNR. I manually choosed the partition on which install Ubuntu (the second 100GB’s one, of course). Done!
  • I installed Skype from the Skype site. This took a while, since the built-in microphone does not work out of the box with UNR. Here I found a partial solution, that I summarize here: give the command ‘alsamixer’ in a terminal window, and obtain the following configuration by using TAB, Z and E keys:
    alsamixer's configuration

    alsamixer's configuration

    As you can see, the volume bars have their left side set to zero. In addition to the tips I found in the quoted forum, I disabled the volume automatic adjusting in Skype:

    Skype options

    Skype options

  • I activated the Ubuntu One 2GB free account (very useful, very reliable).
  • I installed VitualBox from the Ubuntu Software Center, creating a virtual machine that relies on a virtual disk copied from my main computer (whoops! this may be not legal in your Country. But this is at least fair if you think that you paid for an unrequested copy of Windows 7 and use Windows XP…)
  • Configured the virtual machine, so that it access the desired folders in Ubuntu at startup. Here I have still some problem. At startup the machine has a 4-bit depth for colors… If I choose to view it in full screen, then it comes back OK.

That’s all for today! (0rr4d0


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